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Fabricating custom ducts to suit project specifications

Our 4,000-square-foot fabrication shop is equipped with the best in people, equipment, and technology to provide us with the capabilities we need to deliver custom solutions to our clients. We also complete work for other contractors who rely on our shop for expertly made ducts made to their project specs. The WS fab shop’s critical equipment and capabilities for each are summarized below.

Plasma Cutting Table

Our plasma cutting table works perfectly for cutting a variety of metals, including mild and stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Whether you do a wide range of jobs, signs, or fabricate marine, automotive, or oil field equipment, the plasma table gives you a precision cut.

Coil Line

Our coil line machinery automates the straight duct portion of the job, which translates to huge savings for the contractor in efficiency, manpower, and scrap loss.

Mig/Tig Welding

We provide metal welding for aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel.

155-Ton Press Break

The press break bends metals such as aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel into a variety of shapes and up to 13 feet in length.


We have six workstations where one or two operators can use ironworkers for punching, notching, shearing flat bars, angle cutting, bars shearing, and bending.

Hydraulic Shear

The hydraulic shear can handle aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel, shearing materials of up to 10 feet in length and ⅜-inch thick.

Roll Formers

Our shop has a variety of roll formers for shaping and forming TDC, Snaplock, and Pittsburg seams.